The Only Custom Cycling Desk

We rig out our bicycle, tweak our nutrition, and fine tune our training plan.

Now there is a custom desk that allows the indoor cycling experience every cyclist expects.

Not Shipped from China

Every piece of every desk is:

Made in South Carolina by professional woodworkers

Made with sustainable materials that are also made in The USA

Custom Methods in Your Bike Desk

We are a custom wood shop in South Carolina.

The same methods for a high end kitchen are used to make each cycling desk.

We couldn't find a custom cycling desk on the market. So we designed our own.


Is it compatible with my fans?


Yes! We tested the most popular models and setups in our recent blog article. From the Wahoo Headwind to a normal box fan, we got you covered.

Is the desk easy to put together?


Yes! It is easier than putting together Ikea furniture. It's so easy our real time assembly video is only 1 minute long. Check it out to see a full walkthrough

How much is shipping?


Shipping is free on all orders above $40

Won't plywood fall apart?


This plywood is very specific. We use it in cabinets that are going to be in high humidity environments like bathrooms or beside the dishwasher in the kitchen. We know this material well and know it will stand the test of time.

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